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UPDATE (8-23-14):

This site has been inactive for several years. We are excited to report that this project (Friends of CSI Crime Lab Fundraising Project) is expected to be renewed in full over the next few months. Please excuse us while we begin construction on an updated and improved website during the winter of 2014. All pages for this website are under construction, and may or may not have an appropriate reminder. As we are under construction, a combination of information, some outdated and some recently revised, , may be among the information presented in multiple pages.

Thanks for your understanding, and thank you for visiting.

Note: This website and the Friends of CSI (FCSI) are operated by a volunteer group of concerned southern Nevada citizens, and volunteers/private doners in other states. This site and the FCSI are entities of; and do not speak on behalf of; the City of Henderson, the Henderson Police Department, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, or any other government organization. All opinions expressed are the opinions of the volunteer management of the FCSI and other private citizens, and are not intended to represent the opinion or policies of any other persons or agencies, unless indicated otherwise.

The "Friends of CSI" is a component fund of the Henderson Community Foundation, a recognized 501(c)3. Any contribution you make to the Henderson Community Foundation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS and may be tax deductible.

- Federal Tax ID #45-0489163



Please Help us Build a Forensic Science Center (Forensic Lab)

Help Southern Nevada

- Prevent Crime
- Solve Crimes
- Exonerate the Innocent
- S
ave Lives

Your Tax Deductible Donations Are Needed to Build a Forensic Science Center - Forensic Lab

No Donation is Too Small


All donations will help, whether they are $1, $5, $25, $1000, or over $1 million. Every dollar counts. Donations are managed and audited by our partner, the Henderson Community Foundation.

Note to legislators: Bailout or stimulus funds are certainly welcome. This project, and longterm use of the facility, would be one of the most efficient use of funds imaginable.

Southern Nevada Does Not Have Sufficient Forensic Crime Lab Capacity
- This is a critical deficiency that must be corrected

There is only one full-service crime lab in southern Nevada, which is home to 70% of the State's population. That lab is operated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD). LVMPD does as much as can be expected with a laboratory of its size, and does it well. However, a single lab does not have the capacity to support the entire region, and to do otherwise is not a reasonable or practical expectation.

The City of Henderson operates a small crime laboratory in a temporary facility with some of the most qualified forensic scientists in the country. The lab is limited due to significant restrictions in space and personnel who can operate in the small temporary building.

Due in large part to the recent advances in forensic technology and crime scene investigation, there are unique processes available today, that were not possible a decade ago. Processes that can now help identify suspects (and their victims when necessary) much faster and more reliabily. These critical state-of-the-art processes and techniques start from the first response to a scene by patrol officers; to subsequent crime scene investigation, evidence collection, and forensic evidence processing/analysis.

The City of Henderson has 272,960 residents (October 2008) but does not have a facility to house a full-service Forensic Crime Lab. North Las Vegas, Boulder City, and Mesquite also do not have their own crime laboratories, and suffer from the lack of sufficient forensic laboratory capabilities and services. In 2006, Clark County estimated the population of the County to be over 1.9 million. With the addition of 38.9 million tourists in 2006, it is understandable that one overworked forensic laboratory is not enough. The only other publicly operated forensic crime laboratory in the entire State of Nevada is in Washoe County (Reno) and their resources are also understandably limited. As a consequence of our limitations, large numbers of forensic evidence are being processed by private or out-of-state labs, or are not processed at all..

A new forensic crime laboratory is needed now to serve our communities, and to enhance public safety in the entire Las Vegas valley and southern Nevada.

Full Story

Public Funds Are Not Available For A New Crime Lab -
Private Donations Are Needed

Over 37 million dollars is needed for the design and construction of a Forensic Science Center (forensic crime laboratory) in southern Nevada. The facility will play a critical role in the overall safety and security of the entire Las Vegas Valley and southern Nevada. Full story

How You Can Help

  • Make a donation
  • Make a pledge for recurring donations
  • Donate land
  • Sponsor fundraisers
  • Donate services (brochure, flyer and small advertisement display printing needed immediately)
  • Donate billboard space (see example)

Read more about "How You Can Help"

As noted above: The "Friends of CSI" is a component fund of the Henderson Community Foundation, a recognized 501(c)3. Any contribution you make to the Henderson Community Foundation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS and may be tax deductible.

- Federal Tax ID #45-0489163

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Friends of CSI DOES NOT solicit contributions over the phone. If you receive any such requests, please DO NOT provide any personal or financial information to the caller.

We are grateful to all donors for their commitment to our Community. Supporters at many levels will be recognized for their ongoing and substantial giving on a Donor Wall, Hall of Fame, or similar area to be included in the Center.  

Frequently Asked Questions/Quick Facts

Read the Frequently Asked Question section for answers to many of your questions, including:

  • What is a Forensic Crime Lab?
  • What are the consequences of not having sufficient forensic laboratory services in southern Nevada?
  • Aren't there other forensic crime labs in Nevada?
  • Where do most public agencies send their forensic evidence for analysis?
  • What functions may the Forensic Science Center include?
    Review the questions and answers

About Us

FCSI is an all-volunteer private citizen organization. Our primary goal is to raise the funds for the Forensic Science Center. We will work closely with one or more public agencies in southern Nevada from the initial fundraising efforts until the facility is built and begins full operation. Read more.


The FCSI, this website, and associated efforts and activities are NOT operated or sponsored by the City of Henderson (COH) nor the Henderson Police Department (HPD).



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