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Graphic Top ten reasons to help

  1. Your tax deductible donation will play a major part in solving crimes, preventing crime, and saving lives throughout southern Nevada.

  2. Even the second largest city in Nevada, with a population of nearly 280,000, does not have a forensic crime lab. Without sufficient forensic evidence analysis capability in southern Nevada, the large portion of the potential evidence from crimes that occur in the region cannot be analyzed. This affects the crime fighting capability throughout southern Nevada.

  3. The huge backlog of potential DNA evidence is not analyzed. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is the only agency in southern Nevada with the capability to conduct DNA evidence analysis. Public agencies in the Las Vegas valley and other areas of southern Nevada need an additional resource to increase the capacity for DNA analysis. The majority of publicly operated crime laboratories in the U.S. are overwhelmed with work, and have significant evidence backlogs. We are not imune in Nevada, and must increase our capacity to meet current and future needs.

  4. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is the only full-service forensic crime lab in Southern Nevada. It cannot support all agencies in the Las Vegas Valley, and their DNA analysis capability is critically limited. In addition, LVMPD leases their laboratory buildings from private owners, adding to the potential of shutting down the lab for months, in order to move to other facilities. This last happened in 2005.

  5. Many public agencies in southern Nevada send DNA evidence to Texas, California, or to laboratories in other states for analysis. In addition, all gunshot residue (GSR) evidence is sent to Bexar County Texas for analysis. No forensic laboratory in Nevada has the equipment or capability to conduct GSR analysis.

  6. A large portion of the potential forensic evidence in Nevada's second largest city cannot be analyzed. This is due to inadequate facilities and a critical shortage of equipment and civilian analysts. The shortages are difficult to overcome without having a state-of-the-art facility.

  7. The only way to build a Forensic Science Center / Crime Lab in a reasonable timeframe is by raising funds through private individuals and organizations. The construction of a building that will house a state-of-the-art crime lab, crime scene investigation section, and evidence vault is extremely expensive. Public agencies in southern Nevada do not have $37 million in their general funds to pay for such a facility.

  8. Scientific education opportunities will be created in an expanded Forensic Science Center and Educational Research Institute.

  9. Homeland security in southern Nevada will be enhanced through the addition of a Forensic Science Center. A fully operational Forensic Science Center will allow for a greatly increased amount of evidence that can be recovered and analyzed. Criminals know no boundaries. Crimes solved in any jurisdiction in southern Nevada are often the key to solving and preventing crimes in LVMPD's jurisdiction as well as in other law enforcement agency jurisdictions.

  10. A modern Forensic Science Center in southern Nevada, will provide a critical resource for several law enforcement agencies and other public agencies in Southern Nevada.

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