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Photo of Anthony Zuiker CSI Creator
Anthony Zuiker (right) with Rick Workman

Photo by
Patrick Farrell

Photo of Anthony Zuiker Gary Waddell & Rick Workman Anthony Zuiker & Gary Waddell with Rick Workman

Photo by
Patrick Farrell


October 14, 2006
CSI creator encourages support for Crime Lab Fundraising Project

On Saturday, October 14, 2006, Anthony Zuiker gave an exclusive interview to Las Vegas' senior news anchor, Gary Waddell. The purpose of the interview was to ask the residents, business, and community leaders for financial support for this project.

Zuiker is the Creator and Executive Producer of TV’s hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and its top 10 spin-offs CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

After the interview, Mr. Zuiker toured the Henderson Police Department with Criminalistics Bureau Administrator Rick Workman. Workman is also the Chairman of the FHCSI.

Portions of the interview are expected to be aired on KLAS-TV 8 soon and will be added to this page when available.


Photo courtesy of David Berman

Photo courtesy of CBS

UNLV Senior Programs
Las Vegas, NV



August 7, 2006
CSI Actors Speak at UNLV

On Saturday, August 5, 2006 CSI Actors David Berman (who plays Assistant Coroner David Phillips) and Jon Wellner (who plays Toxicologist Henry Andrews) discussed their unique experiences as actors and as the researchers for the CSI series at UNLV. 

They were joined by Rick Workman, one of numerous technical advisors for the series, and currently the Criminalistics Administrator for the Henderson Police Department who helped answer questions about the impact of the CSI shows and discussed the status of Crime Laboratories in Southern Nevada as well as a private project  to build a Forensic Science Center.




Photo of CSI Actor David Berman
Photo by
Sara Tramiel.
News Staff

Photo by
Sara Tramiel.
News Staff


August 7, 2006
CSI Actors speak out for forensics lab
By Derek Olson
"News" Reporter

Two stars of television’s “CSI” Crime Scene Investigation” are making good on a promise to Henderson Police Department criminalistics administrator Rick Workman by using their fame to help him raise money for a new crime lab.

More than 300 people showed up to see actors David Berman and Jon Wellner from the popular CBS show, based in Las Vegas.  Berman has played assistant coroner Dr. David Phillips in about 100 episodes and Wellner has played recurring character Henry Andrews in 10 episodes.

See full article.



The Rebel Yell





August 7, 2006
CSI actors actively support forensic funding
- CSI actors lecture at UNLV

By: Michael Lyle, Assistant News Editor

Actors David Berman and Jon Wellner from television's CSI came to UNLV to share the similarities and contrasts in the show.

One of the main reasons for the lecture on Saturday was to inform the audience of differences the show has from real life crime scene investigation. On the show, Wellner and Berman play highly skilled investigators who solve 100 percent of their cases in an advanced and well-funded crime laboratory in Las Vegas.

See entire article.


KLAS TV 8 Coverage of CSI Event at UNLV
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Las Vegas, NV

Chris Saldaña





August 5, 2006
CSI Forum

CBS’s CSI had two actors in town this weekend for a  crime scene investigation forum.  The forum was held at UNLV and was put on by the Friends of Henderson CSI.  This organization is trying to raise funds to build and support a Forensic Science Center.  During the forum, the actors answered questions from the public about how close the show is to real life investigations.

"CSI tries to be as real as it possibly can.  Our writers take forensics very seriously.  We do our best to portray the medium as accurately as possible.It seems like they caught on pretty good." said David Berman.

David is the actor who plays the part of David Phillips on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Note: This is the full text of this news broadcast. Refer to this link for screen shots of the newscast.


The News 7-12-06 Police scientist fighting for new crime lab

The News
Henderson, NV
Photo by
Carrie Edmonson, News Staff


July 6-12, 2006
Police scietist fighting for
new crime lab
By Derek Olson
"News" Reporter

Late nights and tireless weekends for Henderson p[olice forensic scientist Rick Workman could pay off to the tune of $37 million as he launches his dream project of creating a state-of-the-art forensics lab in Henderson in coming weeks.
See full article


Henderson, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Photo by
Rhonda Churchill,
View Staff





July 11, 2006
Group works to build $37 million Henderson crime lab
By Ben Stephens
View Staff Writer

Rick Workman thinks it's high time the state got another crime lab to keep up with the population growth of the last decade. And he's taken matters into his own hands by starting a fundraising effort to build a lab in Henderson someday.

Workman said the capacity to analyze crime scene evidence in Nevada has not kept up with growth and now departments have such a backlog of cases, the ability to solve crimes is hindered.
See full article


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Las Vegas, NV

Paula Francis

June 28, 2006
By Adrian Arambulo
KLAS TV 8 Reporter

"Crime scenes are seldom tidy and investigators must painstakingly gather evidence and quickly draw conclusions.  On the TV show CSI, investigators have all the latest technology at their disposal.  That’s something Henderson police say they don’t have.  And the outdated technology is making it tougher to get criminals off the streets.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News is live.  Adrian Arambulo tells us about their efforts  to fix that problem..

Read the full transcript

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LVRJ Photo Forensic by Moran
Las Vegas
Reveiw Journal
Las Vegas, NV

Photo by
Craig L. Moran,





May 31, 2006
New Henderson crime lab touted

By David Khara
Las Vegas Review Journal

If Rick Workman, the criminalistics administrator for Henderson, has his way, his police department will soon have a forensic lab that rivals the one on television. Workman is leading the effort to raise $37 million for a new crime lab in Henderson. He envisions a stand-alone building in Henderson where investigators would be capable of analyzing everything from gunshot residue to DNA.
See full story

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